(Article by: Tim Euler)

Whether you like politics, follow politics, or do not care about politics, what happened in Shreveport on Monday cannot go unnoticed. I want to be very clear that I believe it takes courage, energy, and passion for the city, to serve in local government. It takes a willingness to be an open book and be criticized by many that do not understand the system and the way business is conducted. City Council members work more hours than any pay could ever compensate them, and they do so out of duty and service rather than self-promotion.

I want to also commend each of the candidates that stepped out and demonstrated their passion and love for Shreveport. Their willingness to say they would serve does not go unnoticed and each of them should be thanked. I listened to every minute of the speeches, questions, and the voting that took place. After watching this process, I am concerned and I believe the citizens of Shreveport should be concerned.

Why be concerned? In less than 10 minutes on Monday morning, the Shreveport City Council Members essentially kicked the can down the road. I understand that a system is in place where in the case of a tie, the Governor makes an appointment. To me what I witnessed was the following…

The Family Mother voting for one candidate.
The Family Father voting for another candidate.
But Grandpa having to solve the family dilemma.

Wait…there was more…neither mom or dad put up any type of fight. I personally emailed all members of the city council and only two responded. If the city council is elected and serves the people, where was the discussion? Why did both sides so quickly decide to kick the can down the road to the Governor? What is going on behind the scenes?

Why make this post? I make this post because for years now, I have watched as city council has rolled over and kicked can after can down the road. Here is some history on end of the year tabled legislation:

December 20, 2018 (3 tabled pieces of legislation)

  • Street Issues (Bowman)
  • David Toms Recognition (Jenkins)
  • Property Encroachment (Corbin)

December 19, 2019 (1 tabled piece of legislation)

  • Alcohol sales near church and schools

December 18, 2020 (3 pieces of tabled legislation)

  • Shreveport Sidewalks
  • Ordinance related to Poles and Wires in the City (Nickelson)
  • Municipal Police Pay (Fuller)

November 19, 2021 (6 pieces of tabled legislation – December meeting upcoming)

  • Intergovernmental Committee (Boucher)
  • Mayor/City Council Pay Increase (Nickelson/Bowman)
  • Mayor/City Council Pay Increase (Nickelson/Bowman)
  • Architecture and Engineering Section Process (Fuller)
  • Demolition Delay to downtown (Fuller)
  • Smoke Free Air Act (Flurry)

Comparison…Caddo Commission in the last 4 years appears to have had zero tabled legislation.

***All of this information was found in minutes posted on city and parrish websites.

For some this may not be a big deal; for others, it is a clear message. Shreveport needs to start taking things seriously. Shreveport has so much potential. Shreveport needs to stop kicking the can down the road and asking others to solve our problems. Shreveport needs to quit spending resources and time on things that have little impact on advancing the city. Shreveport needs to have open dialogue from its elected officials. (Open dialogue in public meetings, not social media or behind closed doors). Shreveport needs to partner together, no matter what political party you are from, we are stronger unified. Shreveport needs to see some fight from elected officials. Shreveport needs to see elected officials comes to her defense. Shreveport needs to see where elected officials actually stand on legislation and take votes. Shreveport has so much potential in its back pocket, it is time to pull it out and capitalize on it.


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